For evident statistics visitores of a site and dynamics display of banners, i was created flash counters with dynamic updating results.

It can be placed on you site or attach on a desktop and to trace attendance in a background mode.

If you carry out an advertising campaign using flash banners then this counter can trace quantity of displays and klicks on an advertising platform.

Creation of banners, manufacturing of banners, manufacturing flesh banners, manufacturing flash a banner.
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This site is devoted to my works in the Internet advertising. For 7 with years created a plenty banners for different customers. Here I have tried to collect some works, interesting in my opinion, kept despite a numerous change of the equipment.

The first commercial banners were made 1998 for company "Olivetty". It was one of the first commercial banners of the Russian Internet. Since then hundreds advertising campaigns are lead, received valuable experience which helps to find the optimum decision for each client depending of sphere his activity. And maximum effectively to use opportunities of the Internet advertising.

Recently have appeared and became widely to be used new technologies flash carriers. Banner systems "ScreenGlide" and "FrontLinе" give more freedom for creative and enable to realize interesting ideas. By results of many advertising campaigns I can say that the advertising carriers created by me help customers to achieve the purpose.

To make an effective banner which would involve on your site really interested in your products and services of visitors - the difficult art.

I always creatively approach to realization of the purpose, and always I try to offer more.

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